Anti-age Face Cream

50 ml

Today, the quality of an anti-age cream is measured by its effectiveness on the skin’s metabolism and dermis rejuvenation.


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Anti-age Cream's Actions

The Anti-age Face Cream contains biomimetic peptides that inhibit metalloproteases.

This enzyme degrades collagen and causes aging of the skin.

By inhibiting this enzyme, we keep the skin young. These biomimetic peptides also have a proven additional action on the transcription of RNA-DNA that stimulates collagen production. Consequently, they stimulate the cell to produce more collagen, thus obtaining a firming effect associated with a redensification of the skin.
Among M20’s active ingredients there are Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E, all known to hydrate and regenerate the skin.

To complete the rich formula, proteins derived from silk have been introduced, which create a moisturizing and breathable film on the skin that performs a protective action, improving skin elasticity.

Anti-age Face Cream’s Active Ingredients

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