Transforming Mask

50 ml

M25 Transforming mask has a lifting, moisturinzing, firming, botox-like effect and, thanks to the active ingredients’ synergy, the skin acquires a more relaxed, young and fresh appearance in a few minutes.


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Transforming Mask Characteristics

Innovative and multi-functional M25 Transforming mask by MSA is characterized by the presence of red microspheres that deliver a synergetic pool of active ingredients with a lifting, moisturizing and restructuring action. By massaging the mask on the face and neck the microspheres open and release active ingredients. When the colour of the mask changes from a light shade to brick red, it is time to stop massaging as the active ingredients are released and begin to act.
The mask contains polyphenols of natural origin with an antioxidant action, obtained from a specific cultivation of grapes grown in Switzerland. Due to the cold and dry climatic condition present in the area, the grapes are harvested only after night frost has appeared, and then further dried. After a process of about six months, a very high concentration of polyphenols is obtained. Another sophisticated process, which enhances the lifting effect, allows the inclusion of polyphenols in the mask’s microspheres.
M25 Transforming mask contains three hyaluronic acids with three different molecular weights in order to act on the skin in different ways: short term and long term deep hydratation, slow release active ingredient carrier, fine surface filler.
To complete the effectiveness of the mask a biomimetic peptide with a botox-like lifting effect is incorporated.
M25 Transforming mask has been designed to tone, smoothen and hydrate the skin. The constant use renovates the skin and helps to prevent the signs of aging.
Formulated without petrolatums and their derivatives, without phosphates and parabens.

Use: massage the mask evenly on the face and neck until the colour changes from a clear shade to brick red. Leave on for thirty minutes then rinse with warm water.
Apply the mask twice a week for at least a month.

Transforming Mask’s Active Ingredients

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